​Diego Godoy, a true discovery for the Belcanto speciality

Godoy's  Italian debut:''An exquisite vocality under hovers the frescoed vault of The Verdi'

​Pisa, 10-03-2018:

' Nespolo also quotes in his curtain the 'futuristic' three singers, excellent actors, easy pawns of the game. From these voices,  I emphasize at least , the Diego Godoy's Lindoro.'

Francesco Tei,  'RAI NEWS ', Italy.

'In the same way valid, the tenor Diego Godoy : his Lindoro is imposed without the slightest effort even in the ensemble scenes, but his exquisite vocality literally hovers under the frescoed vault of the [Teatro] Verdi [di Pisa] in the two big (and arduous) 'cavatinas' that Rossini entrusts to him in the first and second act.'

Luca Fialdini, 'Tutto Mondo News', Pisa, Italy.

'The young Lindoro  was played by a 'bravo' and promising Diego Godoy[...]'

Gabriele Isetto, 'In Volo sul Teatro', Italy.

'The boyfriend [of Isabella] enslaved by the Bey, Lindoro, quick and slippery in his maneuvers to circumvent the despot, is played by the Chilean tenor Diego Godoy, agile in his voice as in the scenic movements, convincing in his tenacious struggle for freedom and justice.'

'Miclischi',  'Enez Vaz', Italy.

'As for the men, Diego Godoy delivers a frank and likeable Lindoro, with a remarkable vocal impact! [...]'

Gilberto Mion, '', Italy.

Vienna, 15-08-2018:

Naturally youthful as Marie and warmly welcoming by the ramp: is her admirer, lover, and partner Tonio played by the Chilean Diego Godoy. He spiced up Ah mes amis ...with the 9 High Cs in a storm of enthusiasm, and he took the biscuit with the most lyrical and difficult air ‘Pour me rapprocher de Marie’: he conveyed the feelings with a wonderful legato, emotional phrasing, and a closing cadenza with a length and virtuosity which I have never heard in a live performance - with a 'High D' includes - one can not believe it !
The Mediterranean and never "white" tone fared its best for this young tenor, of which we hope to continue listening!

Michael Tanzler - Der Neue Merker

Diego Gonzalo Godoy, as Tonio, was a true discovery for the Belcanto-fach.

 Ewald Baringer, NÖN; 'La Fille du Régiment', Kirchstetten August 2017

Marie's galan, Tonio, the young Diego Gonzalo Godoy, easily reached the notorious "9 high C's" of this role.

Ingrid Fröschl-Wendt, NÖN

With his interpretation of Tonio, Diego Godoy offers us a perfect acting. He makes the young Tyrolean live, who speaks a perfect French and screams the love with the soldiers of the Great Nation at the end of the Belcanto Cirqus. That is how one imagines a tenor, full of charm and sweetness, who effortlessly overcomes all the obstacles that Donizetti wrote in the score. It is not surprising then Marie, the daughter of the regiment, is in love with him.

J ohannes Gans, Kultur und Wien